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Syracuse Track Club Awards Scholarships

June 20, 2014 - The Syracuse Track Club recently announced its seventeenth annual Constantino Scholarship winners. Overall winners Kyle Fitch of Westhill High School, and Christine Gambell of Tully High School, were awarded scholarships of $1,000 each. Runner-up awards of $500 went to Sean Beney of West Genesee High School, and Isabella Sterly of Westhill High School. The scholarships are given to high school senior runners by the Syracuse Track Club in honor of George Constantino, the late Nottingham track coach and a founder of the club.

Super Couch Potato 5K Results

February 2, 2014 - The Syracuse Track Club's fourth annual Super Couch Potato 5K kicked off NFL Championship Sunday under overcast but balmy skies at Onondaga Lake Park. Fred Joslyn won the race in 15:32; the female winner was Elizabeth Lucason in a world age-group record of 19:05. Organizers raffled off a big screen television provided by Top Stitch Screen Printing, and a recliner courtesy of Dunk & Bright Furniture using race finishers' bib numbers. Age group winners collected potato chips from Terrell's, and the Cobblestone Ale House was the scene of post-race refreshment, including home-made chicken soup. All entrants received cool commemorative hats. Full results, awards, pictures.

Halloween Run Results

October 20, 2013 - A beautiful day at Green Lakes State Park saw Mike Melfi win the 21st Annual STC Halloween Run. Kara Stauffer was the female winner. Results are here. Photos.

David Beach

September 14, 2013 - The Syracuse Track Club mourns the loss of Dave Beach, a former Club president and all-around prolific member, who passed away unexpectedly on September 11, at age 74. Active in almost all aspects of STC life, Dave was instrumental in getting the club seriously involved in race management – from the Spafford Cow Patty Run to the Mountain Goat Race. He is also credited with initiating the immensely popular Mountain Goat training runs, and the Halloween Run. A professor for almost 50 years at SUNY Upstate Medical University in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology, Dave’s energy, enthusiasm and cheerful demeanor will be sorely missed. The STC extends its deepest condolences to Judy and the entire Beach family. Obituary.

Dave Beach

Dave Beach (right), in charge.

Summer Running and Overuse Injuries

By Paul Johnson

Summer is the season for runners. With marathon training plans in full swing, road races around every corner, and long, warm days conducive to longer runs, it can be hard not to overdo it. While the risks for runners are very different than they are in the colder weather, they exist and typically come in the form of overuse injuries.

Here, we will describe some of the more common overuse injuries that runners often experience, along with a few ways to ward them off. The good news is that once you have stowed away the cold weather running gear for the season and are putting on heavy summer miles, there is no need to have to live with overuse injuries. A little preparation and discipline will go a long way to keep your legs healthy year-round.

Common Running Injuries:

Most people who have been running for a long time have experienced one or more running overuse injuries. They range from annoyances to serious, career-threatening injuries, and most can be prevented. While there are probably a dozen that we hear about, the following three tend to top the list in terms of frequency:

ITBS: We are not sure what is more painful when it comes to ITBS, the syndrome or the cure. ITBS is over-stress of the iliotibial band that runs from your hip to your knee, and manifests with pain on the outside of the knee that usually kicks in after a few minutes of running. The most tried and true cure is using a foam roller for pressure exercises, which is much more painful than it sounds

Knee or Ankle Tendonitis: Patella or Achilles tendonitis are two of the more common forms of tendonitis that runners experience. Tendonitis causes significant stiffness while at rest, and is often worst in the first 15 minutes of a run. After running a while, the pain often subsides, but it will cause major stiffness after long runs.

Runners Knee: Runners knee is really a long list of potential ailments that are grouped together in a general classification. For the most part, though, it refers to pain around the kneecap or even in the back of the knee. Unlike ITBS, it often affects the inside of the knee, and unlike tendonitis, runners knee can be painful at any time during the run.

Remedies for Overuse Injuries

Most runners do not want to hear about the simplest remedy for overuse injuries, which is to lay off. For most runners, the solution needs to involve getting back on the road relatively soon. That said, here are a few ways to combat overuse injuries and keep them from hurting your summer run season.

Massage: A specialist in deep-tissue or sports massage can do wonders with overuse injuries, especially ITBS or runners knee. While it can be pricey, a few well-placed massages from someone who understands athletes could accelerate your recovery.

Don’t Forget to Stretch: For ages, runners have been reminded to stretch, but for good reason. There is hardly a better preventative measure to be taken than keeping your body limber. Stretching can ward off new injuries and allow you to heal old ones.

Invest in Good Gear: Today’s gear makers have engineered some pretty incredible products. Makers of running tights are now adding significant compression features, and compression technology can increase blood flow and reduce recovery time. Some of our favorite gear makers create compression gear that also aligns the knee and hip joints for a smoother running motion, preventing future injuries.

Mix it Up: Many overuse injuries are caused by an imbalance in key leg muscles. The leg is a very interrelated set of joints and muscles, and tightness or weakness in one area can very quickly create an injury in another area. Adding a sport like cycling or weight lifting to your regimen can help create more leg balance. Weight work also creates an excellent rainy day option for those stretches of bad weather.

Running in Cold Weather Requires New Habits and Gear

Winter is just around the corner and for runners that means working on some new habits and getting the winter running gear out of the closet. As the temps drop and the snow falls, it is important to take precautions against the cold, snow, and ice before going for those runs. Here is a short cold weather running primer that will get you ready for your running journey this winter.

Warm up those muscles.

I know it’s tempting to skip the stretches before and after a run, but work hard to make yourself take the time to stretch to decrease your chances of injury or strain. Our muscles tend to tense up when not in use and the cold can make them become even tighter, so take the time to stretch your upper and lower body. If an old injury is going to rear its ugly head, it is likely to do it when the temp is colder and your muscles and joints are more rigid.

You can easily get all of your stretching done in less than ten minutes. Include your calves, shins, quads, hamstrings, inner thighs, and gluteus maximus. You can stretch inside or outside; whichever is your preference. Many like to stretch before they put on their coats, gloves, and hat. Once you’ve finished stretching, begin your run by briskly walking for a few minutes and progress into your stride. Don’t forget to stretch after your run as well.

Wear good running gear.

When considering what to wear when running in cold weather, it is best to dress in layers to help your body keep heat in, and wind and moisture out. In weather below 10 degrees F wearing three layers should suffice: an inner, middle, and outer layer. Between 10 and 40 degrees F, you can perhaps get by with two depending on conditions.

Wearing Thinsulate or Coolmax for the inner layer will suffice. These will wick away moisture and keep your body warm. The middle, or insulating layer, will keep you warm plus wick away moisture. This layer is advised for temperatures under 10 degrees F. Fleece, Akwatek, and Dryline are great running materials for this layer. The third, or outer layer, acts to protect a runner from the weather conditions, such as snow, rain, wind, and the cold. Wearing a Gore-Tex or ClimaFit zip up jacket is sufficient.

Don’t forget to grab some gloves and a hat to cover your extremities, as between 30 and 40 percent of the body’s heat is lost via the extremities. Fleece hats work great and there are plenty of running gloves available that will keep your hands warm and dry. Be sure to choose socks that are known for wicking away moisture and stay away from cotton because cotton tends to soak up moisture instead of wick it. Cotton in general is a poor base layer for any part of your body – invest instead in synthetics or wool blends.

Stay hydrated.

It is important to stay hydrated before and after your run. Many runners tend to think that because it is cold out that they will not really sweat, but the truth is that runners will sweat even in freezing cold temperatures. Good hydration is important year-round, and in the winter hydration has two important benefits. First, along with stretching, it helps keep cold, rigid muscles limber. Second, proper hydration can fight the effects of hypothermia, a rare but possible condition if you are in very cold weather and your skin is wet and clammy.

These tips will help you to be more prepared for your winter running season. Stretch, wear good running gear, and stay hydrated for a more joyous winter running season.

Super Couch Potato 5K Results, Photos

February 6, 2011 - Over 350 runners came out for the inaugural Super Couch Potato 5K run on Super Bowl Sunday morning at Onondaga Lake Park. Post-race festivities were hosted at the Cobble Stone Ale House and included hot soup and a raffle for a big screen television provided by Wilber-Duck Chevrolet & Buick of Oneida, and a recliner courtesy of Dunk & Bright Furniture. All participants received a cool knit hat. Results and pictures.

18th Annual Halloween Run

October 31, 2010 - It was a gloomy, stormy day, except for the three hours of crisp sunshine during the 18th annual Halloween Run at Beaver Lake Nature Center. Over 650 runners covered the 5K lake trail, many in costumes. Prior to the main event, plenty of kids particpated in the fun run, most of them also in costumes. Results are here. And pictures.

Tom Homeyer to Run His Tenth Comrades Ultrmarathon June 15th

June 1, 2008 - We have in our Syracuse running community one of the most accomplished runners anywhere, our own long-time STC member and supporter, Tom Homeyer. Tom has been involved in our running community as a coach at both CBA abd Lemoyne and has completed 39 Boston Marathons, the past 34 in a row. As great as those accomplishments are, he is poised now to become the first North American to complete 10 Comrades ultramarathons.

There is a compelling decription of this race written by Amby Burfoot in Runner's World. Burfoot describes Comrades as "the world's greatest footrace." It is a 55-mile race through the Valley of a Thousand Hills in the heart of South Africa, with an absolute 12-hour cutoff. If you are one of the rare individuals to complete Comrades successfully 10 times, you get a green number for all future entries, and you own that number--no one but you will ever wear that number again. This is a very big deal, indeed.

However, you would never know that this is a big deal if you were to speak with Tom, who is one of the most humble and selfless individuals you could meet. Please join us in wishing him all the best in his Comrades attempt on June 15th.

--Pat Riccardi

An STC Runner in Paris

March 14, 2008 - Elite masters runner and Syracuse Track Club member Coreen Steinbach is competing at the 2008 World Masters Indoor Athletics Championships March 17th-22nd in Clermont-Ferrand, France. Coreen has graciously agreed to make time to post some of her thoughts and impressions of the event on a blog-like page. Check back during the week for a peek at the international track scene in France!

2007 Upstate Cross-Country Season Ends

November 19, 2007 - Another great year in the books!! Thank you so much to everyone who came out and ran or just plain supported the team. Special thanks to the Syracuse Track Club officers and board members for their continued support of the competitive teams. Additionally, a special thanks to Coach Jerry Smith for conducting the workouts on Tuesday and Thursday and inspiring us to run the best we can. And, thank you to Becki Robbins, who has also been an integral part of making this such a successful season.

Congrats to Scott Shaw for being the series champ for the second time and for being the top USATF Niagara Association finisher. Here are the individual results from the championship races for men and women. Thank you again to everyone for such a great season. I love this sport!!!

--Dave Miller

STC at USATF Club Championships

December 10, 2007 - The Syracuse Track Club sent a contingent of runners to the USATF National Club Cross Country Championships at Voice of America Park in West Chester, Ohio on December 8, 2007. Results are here.

Site Additions

September 17, 2007 - Lotsa new pictures posted this week: some new Boilermaker pics (finally!), 230+ GLER pics, and pics from Arc 2007. Select the Photos link above. Suggestions for this site? . Also, it would help me to compile this fall's marathon results if race times were submitted to .

Junior Marathoners Awards Event

August 29, 2007 - The Junior Marathoners Awards Event will be held on Tuesday, September 18th, 6:30-7:30pm at Green Lakes State Park (Fayetteville) in the reserved picnic area pavilion, which is near the Frisbee golf field. Remember that your child's mileage must be by Sept. 8 in order for he/she to receive an award. No need to send in your logbooks - they are yours to keep.

Constantino 4-3-2-1 X/C Results

August 30, 2007 - The final event in the 2007 Constantino series was held Tuesday August 28th at Santaro Park. The results of the five races are here.

STC Needs Volunteers, Too!

August 7, 2007 - The club has a bunch of races coming up, and we need volunteers! If you are not going to volunteer, please run the race with your STC singlet. Also, if you are running with the cross country team this fall, it is expected that you will volunteer for at least one of the fall races that we manage.

Here's the schedule:

THURSDAY AUGUST 9 - the magic and mystery that is Tromptown! The half marathon goes at 6:15, the 5k around 6:30. We need about 20 people - Win Skeele is running very short of volunteers. Please email back if you can help, and please show up around 5:15 if you can.

SUNDAY AUGUST 26 - the Green Lakes Endurance Runs 50K/100K. The more people we have, the better! A cell phone is helpful for this race. Please email if you can help!

TUESDAY AUGUST 28 - the Constantino Runs at Santaro Park. 8-10 people needed for a series of short X/C runs. Please get in contact with .

SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 8 - ARC races at Long Branch Park. We need people for traffic primarily. Please contact or if you can help.

SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 15 - Bud Runs for Charity. Please contact or if you can help. Did I mention free beer?

SUNDAY OCTOBER 28 - Halloween Run at Beaver Lake - please contact if you can help!

Thanks to all for all that you do!

Dave Mullen

Syracuse Track Club Awards Scholarships

June 27, 2007- The Syracuse Track Club recently announced its tenth annual Constantino Scholarship winners. Overall winners Amy Chrisfield and Greg Palotta, both of Westhill High School, were awarded scholarships of $1,000 each. A runner-up award of $750, sponsored by Wilber-Duck Chevrolet & Buick of Oneida, went to Julianne Crisafulli of Corcoran High School. The scholarships are given to high school senior runners by the Syracuse Track Club in honor of George Constantino, the late Nottingham track coach and a founder of the club. See Jackie Miron's Post-Standard article, and pictures of the students here

Baum Does Badwater

July 27 , 2007 - Todd Baum completed the Badwater Ultra Marathon this week, finishing the grueling test in 40 hours, 54 minutes. He was the 33rd finisher of 84 starters. We've got some pictures.


2007 Wilber-Duck Mile

June 22, 2007- It was another beautiful night in Oneida, as the 8th Annual Wilber-Duck Mile saw a course record set in the women's heat by Amanda Laytham, who posted a blistering 4:56 mile to bury the field. Scott Shaw hung up a 4:24 mile to easily win the men's heat. In grudge match news, Frank Duck III held off Al Weaver by 4 seconds. Complete results and awards here.


Todd Baum To Race Badwater Ultramarathon July 23rd

May 29, 2007- For those of you not acquainted with ultramarathoning, the grueling Badwater race is a 135 mile road race through Death Valley, set for the peak heat of July each year, beginning in Badwater, Nevada, 280 feet below sea level, finishing at 8500 feet at Mount Whitney, California, the highest point in the continental US. Temperatures typically reach 120 degrees or more and this event is thought to test the limits of human endurance running like no other. It has become the panultimate challenge for elite ultra marathoners and is restricted to carefully selected, uniquely qualified and accomplished ultra marathoners. Here in Central New York, we have one such incredible athlete, STC member Todd Baum, who has been selected to join 90 other such athletes from all over the world. Please join all of us at the Syracuse Track Club in wishing him the best in his training. For more on Todd's effort, see For those of you who want to read more about Badwater, or see a web cast of the race: In addition to his training efforts, Todd is collecting donations to benefit the Golisano Children's Hospital.


Boilermaker Bus Location Change!

June 14, 2007- Due to the CNY Arts & Crafts Show, all of the streets around the downtown YMCA on Montgomery Street will be closed the weekend of the Boilermaker.  The new pick up location will be:

Outside of Kelly Cole’s Improper
253 E. Water Street (corner of Montgomery St.)

This is two blocks east of Clinton Square. There is ample parking available in a lot located on the Erie Blvd. side of Kelly Cole’s Improper.  Questions? .

The bus is filling up fast. It will leave promptly at 6am race day, drop you off at the starting area, and be waiting near the party area after the race. It will return at approximately 2pm. To reserve a seat send $12/person to Syracuse Track Club: 340 Montgomery St, Syracuse, NY 13202.


Boilermaker Bus

May 28, 2007 - has reserved the Boilermaker bus for this year so start thinking about reserving your seat. The bus will leave from the downtown YMCA promptly at 6am race day, drop you off at the starting area, and be waiting near the party area after the race. It will return to the YMCA at approximately 2pm. Send $12/person to Syracuse Track Club: 340 Montgomery St, Syracuse, NY 13202.


New!! Constantino Series

May 20, 2007 - This year, because of the long-overdue renovation of the Nottingham HS track, we are doing something a little different with the Constantino Runs. The Constantino Runs will be replaced with a series of three runs renamed the Constantino Series. The schedule for the series is as follows:

These events are free to all. Donations to the Constantino Scholarship and/or the Syracuse Track Club will be graciously accepted. The courses will be accurately measured but NOT USATF certified.


Constantino Scholarships

May 12, 2007 -The June 1 deadline for submitting applications is fast approaching. The STC has two $1,000 college scholarships that will be awarded to deserving male and female H.S. seniors who participate on their school's cross country and/or track and field teams. Please submit your applications as soon as possible. Letter to Coaches and Guidance Counselors


Mountain Goat Run News

May 6, 2007 - Congratulations to all who ran the 29th Mountain Goat Run. Alme Reta was the 10 mile men's winner with a time of 49:42. Liverpool's Mike Melfi was 7th overall and the first local men's finisher with a time of 53:40. Alemtsenay Misinaw was the women's 10 mile winner with a time of 1:00:49. Kristin White of Manlius was the 3rd female overall and the first local women's finisher with a time of 1:02:32. This year brought back the 3 km race. Randy Rudd of North Syracuse was the 3 km men's winner with a time of 10:28. Taylor Wendler of Cicero was the women's 3km winner with a time of 11:21. Here are the complete results: 10 Mile Results - 10 Mile Age Division Results - 3k Results.